Ceramah Police  





Ceramah Polis
Gerimis Baiduri periodically organizes “Ceramah Polis” with speakers invited from Jabatan Siatan Jenayah Komersil.
The speech and dialog session is aimed to create awareness to the drivers of their responsibilities and accountability as a driver.
They are advised on the seriousness of committing theft of company property and/or shipment of goods in their custody, the Malaysian Law implication, chargeable Sections of Law and Judgment by Courts on related cases.
The police speaker will also advise, remind and give precautionary steps to drivers to always be careful and how to avoid being targetted by theft and hijacking syndicates.
Question and answer dialog with the Police.

Drivers Training Course  




Drivers Training Course
Gerimis Baiduri always has a continuous development program to develop and train its drivers. The training emphasizes on Safe Driving so that the drivers have the necessary driving ability, safety knowledge and skills to drive their trucks with the utmost safety while being courteous and considerate towards other road users.
Some of the courses conducted are:-

  • Advance Driving Courses
  • Kursus Kecemerlangan Pemandu
  • Pemandu Berhemah
Safety Pledge  

Driver's Conduct
All our drivers are strictly required to wear a company t-shirt, safety shoes and a safety vest when they are on duty.