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Custom Bonded Reefer Trucks

Our fleet of trucks are available in the following four categories of size and tonnage:

Lorry Tonnage Bonded Box (Internal dimension) Allowable Pay Load Allowable m³ (±)
Length Width Height
1 2.9m 1.6m 1.6m 1 ton 6 m³
5 4.85m 1.95m 1.90m 2.5 ton 15 m³
10 7.70m 2.28m 2.20m 7.5 ton 25 m³
20 11.4m 2.26m 2.20m 20 ton 50 m³

20 tonners


GPS Capability

GPS capabilities

All our trucks are installed with GPS tracking device. We are able to track and monitor the movement and progress of all our trucks at the push of a button.


Reliable Refrigeration Cooling System

Refrigeration Certificate of Calibration

Our trucks are installed with imported reputable cooling equipment that provides specific and constant temperature reading through the transportation period of the cargo shipment.


Temperature Commitment

Temperature capabilities

The cooling equipments are well maintained with regular servicing and maintenance.
At every interval, the calibration of the cooling system is conducted by a registered reputable company and a Certificate of Calibration is issued on every individual truck.


Hygiene Standards

We maintain high hygiene standards on all our trucks. Each truck is treated every quarterly by a Pest Control expert.



In-House Workshop

Having an in-house workshop is an advantage to us as we are able to minimize our truck downtime.

In House